Profile of Sri R Govind Hari

63 year old Sri Govind Hari, is the co-promoter of the Pushpagiri Eye Hospital Group. The Group Hospitals focuses on tertiary eye care and education and research in Ophthalmology for last 8 years. Self Sustaining institutions in the area of specialty eye care, the Institutions focuses on socially relevant eye care with An eye for a affordable service.

Chairman Administration
Pushpagiri Vitreo Retina Institute, Secunderabad
Chairman and Managing Director
Pushpagiri Eye Hospital, Vizianagaram.


Sri Govind Hari is speaker in various forum for cultural revalidation and motivational exercise. He works for various causes related to Empowerment, Sensitizing in the area of Diabetic Blindness, Childhood Blindness, Cancer Detection and ancient culture and vedic literature. Before embarking on eye care he was instrumental in furthering the cause of Education and honorable living.

Sri Govind Hari is the South Zone Chairperson of Eye Bank Association of India (EBAI) and South Zone Member of VISION 2020 a global initiative for elimination of avoidable blindness.

Honorary Secretary, Association of Health Care Providers, India – AP Chapter : AHPI, as conglomeration of entire healthcare providers i.e. hospitals/nursing homes/clinics, diagnostic centres, medical equipment companies, insurance providers and all others that are accountable to the community, will work closely with the key stake holders i.e. the Government and the Society to realise the universal health coverage.

Sri Govind Hari is the

• General Secretary of Telangana Super Speciality Hospitals Association (TSHA)

• General Secretary of Andhra Pradesh Super Specialty Hospital Association (ASHA).

He is one of the main interlocutors in arriving at enhancing the reach and ability of over 100 super specialty Hospitals in to states working closely with Insurance, State Government, Police, General Public and Central Govt for Funding, payment, medico legal cases, public advocacy, preventive care, capacity building and disaster management.

• Governing Council Member- National Body of Association of National Board Accredited Institutions (A.P Chapter) – ANBAI-AP Chapter :

Working towards uniting the National Board Accredited Institutions to catalyse their energies towards developing better teaching program and to present a credible and united front to solve problems together.


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