PVRI Accreditations & Recognitions with Government Organisations
NBE-imagePVRI has been accredated by the National Board of Examinations , New Delhi as the Post Graduate Teaching and Training Institute in Ophthalomolgy in the year 2010
tgPVRI has beeb recognised by State Para Medical Board as Recognised Training Institute for 2 year Para Medical Ophthalmic Courses such as Diploma in Ophthalmic Assistant (DOA) & Diploma in Optometry Techinician (DOM) in the year 2011
telangana-govtPVRI has been empanellned by Government of Telangana under Aarogya Sri Health Insurance scheme for Speciality services in Ophthalmology
ntr_vaidya_sevaPVRI has been empanelled by Government of Andhra Pradesh under Dr NTR Vaidya Aarogya Seva Scheme for Speciality services in Ophthalmology
tel-eng-newlogoapPVRI has been recognised by both the state of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana under State Government Health Insurance Scheme ( EHS)
central_healthPVRI has been empanneled with CGHS
esicPVRI has been Empanneled with ESI
-1PVRI has been empanneled with Singareni colories
TSRTC-LOGO-HD-1PVRI has been empanneled with TSRTC
Hyderabad-India-Arogya-Bhadratha.jpgPVRI empannelled with Aarogya Bhadratha Telangana
Hyderabad-India-Arogya-Bhadratha.jpgPVRI empannelled with Prohibition and excise department Telangana ( Aarogya Sahayatha)